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Brand Identity Design

Many people come to me looking for a business card or brochure design and ask if I can “put a logo on there.” My simple answer? No, because you’re just hurting yourself. A logo is not just something to fill the empty space on your business cards. It is a unique identifier. It is a symbol of trust for your current and potential customers. It needs to be carefully planned and designed, then used in an environment that will communicate similar values. Here’s a short list of brand identity services:


A unique identifier created just for your business. No spare parts or clipart here. This may be your primary brand mark or maybe something for a new product line or service.

Traditional Identity Pieces

Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Brochures, Postcards and any other printed piece you use to promote your business. Print is not dead. It still has many effective uses for many target markets.

Digital Identity Pieces

Social media avatars, custom Facebook pages, e-mail marketing templates, web site landing pages, etc. Your digital touch points are sometimes the only and most frequent interaction your market has with your brand. Make them count.



I’ve thought of doing package pricing but, the truth is, everyone has different needs for their projects. I can say that traditional identity packages (logo, business card, letterhead, envelope) start at $750. Some businesses don’t need letterhead or envelopes though. If you’re one of those, feel free to fill out the form below and give a few details on what you’re looking for.

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Project Specifics

While our specialty is logo and identity design, we can handle a wide array of projects. Please select all that apply and give us some details. When considering the budget and deadline, please keep in mind the process involved in creating a design.