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The process to create a unique brand identity varies slightly from project to project but there are constants:

Creative Brief: No project can start without one. A creative brief gives me most of the necessary information to design a project. Filling one out is the first step to a successful process and you might actually learn a little about yourself.

Interviews: Not everything can be in the creative brief and I also want to get to know you. Your business is more than just business. It’s personal for you but it’s also personal for your customers (just Google “new Gap logo” and you’ll see some great examples).

Research: Often the most skipped step in the design process (due to “I-need-it-tomorrow” syndrome) but really, the most important. How can I understand what makes your business different if I don’t do research on your history, your competitors, your industry, maybe even your employees or leadership? Design is not about making things pretty. It’s about communicating your message in a way that will speak to your target audience. Knowing how to best do that takes thorough research.

Sketches: This is where I get all my good ideas (and a lot of bad ones). Ideally, I will take several hours to go back and forth sketching and revisiting ideas in order to get everything on paper. It’s the brainstorming stage. No idea is bad; they just need to get out.

Concept Development: Once I narrow down on a concept or two, I move to the computer and develop the good ideas into clear concepts. This is where I try out different typefaces and explore if the ideas sketched will work how you need them to. Color will be used if there are certain requirements, but I mostly stick with black and white at this stage.

Concept Presentations: More than one design may be presented here but hardly more than two. If I’ve done my homework and really understand your business, more than a couple of concepts shouldn’t be necessary. You can be assured I’ve gone through many iterations to get to this point.

Concept revisions: Based on your feedback, I will make revisions to one of the presented concepts as well as develop possible brand elements. The goal here is to hone in on the final image.

Presentation: Here I will present the final concept and direction. Depending on the terms of the project, I may also present supporting brand elements and ideas for future iterations and uses.

Final Revisions: I should already have a final logo but this stage will finalize supporting brand elements or iterations of the logo.

Delivery: You will receive logo use guidelines as well as all the necessary files to take advantage of your new identity (eps, jpeg, png, tiff, etc). At this point the logo is yours; just don’t negate all this hard work and time by using it outside the guidelines.