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Team I.C.E.

Inspire. Change. Incourage.

Team I.C.E. was born out of the popular Beachbody, multi-level marketing (MLM)┬áprogram, featuring fitness routines such as P90X and the supplement line Shakeology. Customers who use the Beachbody associated programs are encouraged to become coaches themselves in order to promote the products and healthy lifestyle to others. While I’m usually tentative about working with MLM’s, in this case, the coach was an old friend from high school who I’ve kept in touch with on Facebook as she changed her life. When she approached me about developing a logo and website, I knew she was serious about her lifestyle as well as helping others.

We definitely wanted something sporty for Team I.C.E but didn’t want your typical athletic apparel look. Her main target market is women so we wanted to appeal to them without totally alienating a possible male demographic. I tried a few things then started playing with a custom typeface. It started with the “e” then built out the rest of the letters from there. The smooth lines paired with the lightweight Century Gothic as the supporting typeface, gives the logo a feminine appeal while remaining neutral enough.