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Richard Olson Financial Group

In meeting with Richard Olson and his team, he requested an icon which can be used in support of his separate divisions. One being Veterans Advocacy Associates. The logo should stand on its own, of course, and communicate his values of helping individuals who see their coming retirement be prepared. Richard Olson’s goal is to put them at ease and work with whatever situation they may be in to ensure a comfortable retirement.

The icon itself is bold and clear enough to be used as a small imprint on the marketing pieces for the divisions with the additional purpose of being a frame for images in the marketing for the Financial Group. The R is obvious and the enclosure reflects the O from his last name.

Many people working on their retirement at a late age may be nervous or embarrassed that they’ve waited so long so the color choices both work to inspire a serenity or calmness. The primary color is inspired from ocean waters one would see while enjoying retirement aboard a sailboat or on the porch of a beach house. The supporting grey from an initial concept using the image of  a seagull sinking in the wet sand of the beach. The seagull image on its own didn’t work as well for the purpose of supporting the other divisions but it may be used in future marketing as another brand element.

The typeface was chosen to be solid, classic and dependable. I had actually purchased Aviano Slab and sans just before Richard approached me to design the logo. It turned out to work really well.