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Nottingham & Associates

Partner with a company that will work with you to grow your business and maintain financial stability

Nottingham & Associates is a CPA firm in Temecula, run by Jody Nottingham, whose goal is to be a partner to small businesses. Using a CPA to their fullest potential means not just calling them up at tax time but reviewing business plans and purchasing decisions. Having recently split with a former business partner and registering a new name, Nottingham & Associates needed a new look. The goal being to modernize the look and portray professionalism while remaning approachable.

I began by choosing a typeface I felt walked the line between the typical old-style, serif you see with many professional firms and a more modern sans serif. The “n” icon went through a few iterations. The overall arc was decided on first from a series of different weights and sizes but the ampersand idea started out as a + symbol in both spots. Jody didn’t think it fit well so I replaced it with the current ampersand from the main typeface. In the end, it works due to the roundness of the ampersand and the adjacent arc reflecting the “a” from associates and the overall arc forms the “n.” This overall shape has then been pulled out and used as photo frames in their marketing pieces.

One interesting aspect of the project was that the cards were printed with two spot colors instead of the more popular and affordable four color process. It created a nice juxtaposition between the classic cards you usually see with licensed professionals and the more modern look of the identity.