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Elisa Meyer, CPA

Elisa was actually the first person I met when starting business. We were both newbies at a Chamber networking event. While we didn’t work together for another year we kept in touch and saw each other at networking events along the way. I was honored when she called me to create a new look for her young business.

My experience with Elisa Meyer was eye opening. Being young to the business scene myself, I was not familiar with all of the duties a CPA can perform for a company. Like many people (I think), I thought CPA and I though of taxes and the Enron scandal. Researching them and the wide range of influence and power they have was honestly fascinating.

Elisa wanted her brand to appeal to the small business owner who needs a professional to work with to keep their finances organized and their goals on track. The idea that she was the next step from these self-help tax preparers came up in the interview¬†and we explored that visually. I also reviewed some standard tax forms and the concept that these CPA’s were literally putting their name on the line struck me. The logo became an interpretation of the line the CPA puts their John Hancock on to declare their expertise and reputation stand behind that return. The underline itself also became a brand element for other marketing materials.