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D2 Acquisitions

Moving Your Business Forward

D2 Acquisitions is a collections company. Now, before you come at me for “helping those people who call and yell at me during dinner” let me say that they’re a little different. Their first step is to examine the debtors and find out if it’s even worth the creditor’s time. I believe “you can’t get water from a stone” came up at least once in the interview process. They’re not interested in harassing those who have legitimately lost everything and can’t pay it back. Be wary if they know there’s money to be collected though. The owners are former and practicing lawyers…

As I was working on their logo I tried to think about the mindset of both the creditor and the debtor. It’s not a pleasant situation for either and the idea that both just want to get past their current position and just move on came to mind. So, as I do sometimes when working with a type of business that’s not inherently inspirational, I began developing a tag line first. Eventually we decided on “Moving Your Business Forward.”

It communicates to both parties. For the creditor, D2 Acquisitions either informs them they would be wasting their time and they should let it go or establishes a plan for getting paid. For the debtor, D2 Acquisitions can help them work on a payment plan to fulfill their promised obligation. On both sides, they can move forward and get on with business.

With the new tagline in mind, I began work on the logo with various arrows and “forward” symbols; finally deciding on a modified fast-forward icon which can be used in a variety of ways. For the color, we purposefully chose a green closer to that of a traffic signal rather than money. Finally, the italic typeface and angle of the integrated icon all convey movement and speed. These all work together to convey that D2 Acquisitions will handle your situation quickly and efficiently.