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Coworking Connection

Not just an office. A community.

Coworking is a misunderstood new industry. Many people think of it simply as shared office space but it can, and should, be much more. The essence behind coworking is community and collaboration. Members don’t just share an office space they share ideas and can even inspire each other. They can pay for access from one day a week to five. They can hang out on the couches, pull some tables together and work as a group, or get some privacy in a cubicle or conference room. The large open spaces encourage collaboration and interaction. This is the main inspiration for the identity for Coworking Connection.

Different ideas were explored but they all seemed a little specific to the creative arts or technology. Coworking Connection is more for any independent professional looking for a convenient place to get work done and meet with clients. We wanted to avoid the appearance of only being for creative professionals. That basically meant keeping the look simple and flexible.

The main idea that kept surfacing was the focus collaboration and community, the “co,” that makes co-working what it is. With a little prodding from my end, we began working with the simple word-mark concept instead of the typical icon and word-mark combination. I felt that the “co” could stand on its own and be used as an icon when necessary and in different ways. One way was to put together a series of words which have the co prefix while the rest of the word could stand on its own. For instance, co-labor has the prefix and “labor” can stand on its own. These can be used in different marketing materials all showing different aspects of Coworking Connection members working and/or socializing together.