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Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County

The Boys & Girls Clubs are constantly fighting misconceptions. Many people believe they get federal money or funding from the national organization. Others believe they are simply for child care. In reality the Boys & Girls Clubs are funded almost completely from local donors and are constantly holding fundraising events. Many are quite entertaining. The other reality is The Clubs offer many programs—such as music, sports, and after school tutoring—all focused on creating great futures for the clubs’ members.

The Southwest County branch (2 Temecula Clubs, 1 in Murrieta, and 1 in Lake Elsinore) decided to work on rebranding The Clubs to combat these misconceptions head-on. The first task was create a tagline and wordmark. The marketing committee provided “Great Futures Start at The Clubs,” a modification of the national tagline of “Great Futures Start Here.” The purpose being to draw attention to the clubs themselves and to show the programs they offer are more than just entertainment. They wanted to use this tagline in their marketing materials and asked DeArmond Creative to create a wordmark to use as a brand element along side their primary mark.

The second task was an initial press release and flyer for a presentation to the local media. Through this flyer we also developed a system for including images and further communicating The Club’s message of fostering great futures. The graphic element was derived from the shape of the Boys & Girls Club icon and used as an enclosure for the images as well as creating an organic shape to frame the edges of the marketing pieces. These elements can be positioned and scaled in an infinite number of ways allowing for each piece to represent their brand while remaining unique.