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Boys & Girls Club Idol

Since 2009, the Rotary Club of Old Town Temecula has coordinated a local talent competition to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County. In 2010, I was asked if I could donate my time to design the marketing pieces for the event. I had been looking for a pro-bono project and thought this was a perfect match. I’ve always had a heart for serving and to help these kids fulfill their passion of performing was an exciting though.

The project started with some flyers (one for the audition and one for the event) then developed into posters, tickets and an event program. Special thanks for the 2010 event goes to Jann Gentry for the photos she supplied as well as Brian Giardinelli for his photo editing skills.

2011 brought some new ideas to the event. It was decided that the event would have a semi-final round this year which basically doubled the amount of materials needed. We also developed a website for the event to enable online signups and ticket sales. It really was fun and challenging to develop materials for several stages of the same event. First was the audition round which required flyers, posters and sign up sheets. Then the Semi-Final Round was a performance at the Murrieta Community Center for which we needed flyers, posters, and tickets. For the final performance we developed new flyers, posters, tickets, ad sales sheets, and a 32 page program featuring advertisers and profiles of all the performers.

Probably the most challenging part of the project was the online tasks. The idea came up that we should have an online voting process for the “Audience Favorite” from the semi-final performances. Anyone could visit the site, watch videos of the semi-final performances and buy votes for their favorite by donating one dollar per vote to the event. We far surpassed our projections on the amount of money this would raise.

Overall, the event raised $9,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County.  It was way more successful than we thought and was a lot of fun to work on. I’m really looking forward to next year. In the mean time keep track of news on the facebook page and website. And, if you’d like to help with next year’s event feel free to contact me.