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Belle Mariée Bridal & Tuxedo

Your Perfect Day. Our Dream.

Karolin Di Cristina, the owner of Belle Mariée approached me with a common issue many business face. Their logo was basically not legal to use. Wherever they got it from used clip art for the enclosure and they were concerned they would not be able to use it for their primary mark. The logo also lacked hierarchy making the name of the studio and what they do the same size so, visually, of equal importance. This makes the logo less memorable and less unique. The goal was to develop a new logo which looked similar but was usable in a variety of formats and to update their brochure design.

The first step was to fix the sizing of the text so the name of the studio was prominent. Next we worked with several types of enclosures and scrolls to achieve the desired effect. The chosen solution allows makes the wordmark distinctive enough to be used on its own or be supported by the enclosure.

The brochure was a bit of a departure for me at the time. I had either been working on clean, corporate type looks or grungy, sporty looks. The upscale elegant look seemed a little foreign at first but, in the end, the principle is really the same; keep it clean and simple. We used a couple of simple damask patterns and elegant black and white photography while incorporating some of the scrolls from the logo as dividers. We later developed a flyer borrowing the same elements as well as helped to apply them to the company’s website. The result is a consistent and professional look the shop was missing before, allowing them to hold ground in their highly competitive industry.